Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I have a car accident?

Remain at the scene, do not discuss the accident or sign any written statements. Contact police and, if necessary, medical services. Exchange name, phone number and insurance information with the other driver. Call the Company 800 number to report your claim:

Allied - 1 (800) 532 1436
Consumers - 1 (800) 321 0065
General Casualty - 1 (800) 329 1363
Progressive - 1 (800) 888 7764

Do you write SR-22's and what are they?

We do write SR-22's. This is what the State requires for proof of insurance in the event your license has been suspended. Marnie Brumback can help you with an SR-22.

I bought a car, it's Saturday, you're not there.

Most of our Companies have a toll-free customer service number that is staffed during our off hours. They are usually able to take care of your requests.

Allied - 1 (800) 532 1436
Consumers - 1 (800) 282 1446
General Casualty - 1 (800) 329 1363
Progressive - 1 (800) 888 7764

Life and Health

At what age should we consider purchasing Long Term Care Insurance? 

Start looking at Long Term Care in your 40's and 50's. It is considerably cheaper at that age, plus you never want to take the risk of being diagnosed with a health issue that may have you rated up or declined all together. Heart disease and diabetes are common health issues that are often diagnosed later in life and may drastically change your Long Term Care rates. Craig Leontos would be happy to answer all your Long Term Care questions.

What is Medicare Part D?

Just as homeowners insurance protects a homeowner from the full cost of repairing unforeseen damage to a house, commercial property insurance protects businesses, farms and ranches against damage to their buildings and contents.


Do I pay you or send my money to the Company?

You may send your payment either place. The Company usually provides a return envelope with your statement, but you can always send your payment to us if you prefer. Our staff will be happy to apply your payment if you stop by the office.

Our office hours are 8-12 & 1-5, Monday through Friday.

I just paid my bill the other day and I received a cancellation in the mail today, why? 

The cancellation from the company was sent out before the payment went through in the system. If you get anything else in the mail regarding a cancellation we can call to check to make sure the company received payment.

Builder's Risk

Do you have Builder's Risk insurance?

Yes, we do carry builder's risk.

Jim Schwerdt would be happy to answer your questions on commercial coverage and Marnie Brumback will be happy to assist you with personal lines coverage.

Glossary of Insurance Terms

View a Glossary of Insurance Terms you may find when reviewing your policy.

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